What a week!

What a week we have had, full of visits to the hospital and trips out. Viv’s dad took a fall, broke his hip and is now laid up in hospital for the next 6 weeks. The anaesthetic has knocked him for six, and when I say knocked him for six, he really is muddled and confused. I think they call it post-operative cognitive dysfunction (POCD). It should be temporary but all the same concerning for those around him. We are all wishing him a speedy recovery and a swift return to home.

I went to see my aunt, her memory is slipping away. Not her long term, she can, in real detail describe Stanley Park in Blackpool where she was evacuated during the war. But walking around the village is stressful to her as she does not know where she is. She was also stressed by not knowing where she lives. All I can say is thank goodness for her ‘pebble’ which she wears as a necklace. It is a GPS tracking device connected to her son’s phone. It’s really difficult watching someone who once was the rock of the family, deteriorate to a frail, lost person. But we had a laugh when I found over 16 bars of chocolate hidden in her kitchen cupboards. Four bars on each shelf, on every shelf. We were crying with laughter when I got them all out. She knew somehow that they were there, she knew that she had bought them each time she went for milk (everyday) as they were cheap. What was also hilarious to us both was she is hoarding Brillo pads, what’s that all about! Sometimes my aunt has these incredible bubbles of lucidity which presents itself as clear dry humour. Tears of laughter and sadness were had all in the space of a few hours. How hard it must be to remain in your own home but start losing your memory. We went for a lovely walk, we spotted some beautiful flowers and plants, she could name them all. But looking up she had no idea where we were or how we got there.  Then worried about how to get home as she did not know her address or know the way (I can’t imagine how that must feel). Life deals some hard cards. I have learnt stimulation and company is just so important. Just going for walk, doing a jigsaw or going to the beach brings so much light and laughter to my aunt’s life. A life otherwise only punctuated by two welfare visits a day (lasting a max 15 mins) and when her son visits for a brew And another thing, check this for madness. My aunt got a letter from the hospital for an appointment. All well and good I hear you think! No not well and good, they have been told more times than I can care to recall to send appointment letters to her son as her dementia is such that she will file the letters away and forget the date. So the appointment was for January 2018, as if she has a diary for 2018 and now the letter is lost and my aunt denies ever having received one. .Thankfully I took a photo of it and sent it by text to her son. It’s one crazy and unpredictable world we live in.

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