We are Growing
Growing we are, the word is out; companionship is essential to maintaining our wellbeing. Just Company knows that family members struggle and are torn between managing their everyday responsibilities and spending time and company with their elderly loved ones.
I was talking with my aunt about this, she really misses having someone around however, she knows her son is really busy and her daughter lives miles away. My aunt is very clear she doesn’t want to hassle them because she knows it will make them feel guilty. So when I call I ask what she is up to and it’s the same response – having a coffee, looking out the window, doing the crossword. Everyday is the same. She doesn’t like to leave the flat or go too far as she is scared of not knowing her way home. Not only that but she has lost touch with her friends. She tells me she sits for hours looking out the window. I struggle to not feel sad and helpless. I hate thinking about how lonely she is, sometimes it cripples me with guilt.
I am reassured that a Carer comes in twice a day for a welfare visit but even then it doesn’t make me feel better. I have witnessed and she has told me how lovely they are but they treat her as if she is unintelligent, naive and as if she is a child. I know that they really care about her but they often lack life experience and maturity. Their empathy and compassion is evident but their communication can come over as patronising. I only wish that Just Company had companions in her area.

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