Safe, Safely, Safety – How safe is our service?
Safety is paramount, our clientele have to be assured our service is as safe as it can be. Safety to us is both physical health and mental health. It is of the most importance anyone who employs Just Company are assured they or theirs are in safe hands. Of course, all of our companions have current DBS (Disclosure and Barring Service) checks, insurance, their car’s are insured and have current MOT’s. One thing we have to remember is we are not Carers but we really do care. Our standards are high, more so for respect for our clientele than anything else. If I was to engage a companion for my aunt I would want to be assured she is in safe hands, very safe hands, safer hands than any hands.
Firstly DBS, then insurance, then Safe Guarding, appropriate contracts, I like the waiver Just Company has stating the company or any one working on behalf of the company can NOT accept any inheritance. I want the car to be safe, insured. I would look for someone who has had training and experience working with and understanding people of older age. Yes lots of bits of paper, with lots of words that say lots of things that should make me feel happy that my aunt is safe.
BUT thats not all.
I do want all the above, of course. But what does safe mean? I want my aunt to be safe, I want to be safe in the knowledge she is being treated with respect, acceptance, compassion and understanding. I want to be reassured her opinions are respected. The safety of my aunt includes confidentiality (except safeguarding issues). I would not want her to be laughed at or become an anecdote in the pub for the entertainment of others.
I understand all the physical aspects of safety, but depression, loneliness and isolation are so so painful, these  can hurt in a way that is almost indescribable. Being treated like a kid, being patronised, being controlled must really hurt. Just because you can not walk without an aide, or have the confidence to explore the local area, or just go to the shops does not mean that you are not able to think, believe, have opinions that are just as valued as anyone else. Sometimes it can become a self-fulfilling prophecy, you are treated like a child so you behave like a child. How many of us say to each other – when I get like this please just let me leave this planet peacefully, don’t put me in a home, don’t feed me like a baby or talk to me like an infant.
Just Company is acutely aware of the physical safety of our clientele, but here at Just Company, we place as much importance on maintaining mental health as on maintaining  physical health. Maintaining intellectual stimulation, creativity and sociability is paramount, regardless of mental capacity. All our companions are companions who show total respect, value and treat others as if they were their own relatives. Of course if anything was disclosed that was harmful or abusive we would act in the appropriate manner, adhering to safeguarding protocol. Our aim is to safeguard our clientele, treat them as if they were our mum or dad, aunt or someone we really care for. How do we do this, by having everything in place to physically protect, keeping up to date with relevant legislation and research. But most of all maintaining respect, ensuring we understand the needs of our clientele and showing the utmost care and attention to their needs.

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