Life is for Living!
Life is for living! Sitting in front of the TV waiting for something to happen is not good use of time. But sometimes it’s not that simple. Today more and more of us are living longer and longer, yes this needs to be celebrated. We need to continue to live healthy and fulfilling lives, day to day. The challenge is how? When our mobility is limited, our memory is not so clear and our friends are slowly passing away it’s not so easy. Day by day, week by week fewer and fewer people visit/call, sometimes older people will not see a single person for over a week at a time.
Just Company wants to combat this, we want to support people to live life to the full, enjoy going out, visiting places, enjoying good company. So let me tell you about some of the outings we have taken our clients on. Some are just simple and easy: I took a client for a really lovely drive in the Dales. We drove to Ingleton. Here I picked up some cakes and a loaf of bread. Then out past Whitescar Cave ( , along towards the Hill Inn. The weather was beautiful, the view was stunning. When we got to Ribblehead we saw a train go over the viaduct We stopped, got out and watched it as it trundled over the most magnificent piece of Victorian engineering, stunning. Whilst we were there we stopped for a short walk taking a close up look at the arches, amazing. Following this we drove round to Dent, had a look round the Dent Heritage Centre Finally continuing down Barbondale. Here we stopped at the Washtubs. I got out the table, chairs, plates, cups (I wave a very wonderful and posh camper van) and put the kettle on. We stopped and had picnic, tea, sandwiches, cake and completed the crossword. It was peaceful, quite and calming. A wonderful day out.
Going to the cinema, now that’s a great afternoon. We go to the Dukes Playhouse in Lancaster, where there is a showing of an old classic once a month. When we arrive there are free cakes and a brew. Once in the cinema they give us a brief insight into the film and we are off having switiched on the hearing loop. They leave the lights on dim and we have a break in the middle of the film. During the break there is music and a sing along (and we can visit the loo if needs be). Then the second half. Its great, the films are really interesting, especially seeing them after so many years.
We have gone to Storrs Hall Hotel for high tea Now that is wonderful. What a place to sit in good company, be waited upon. The cakes are lovely, the view is incredible and the setting is very grand. Often we will look round the hotel, an activity in its own right.
I could go on and on, about boat trips, shopping, walking along the sea front, going to a recital in Lancaster priory, visiting the pencil factory in Keswick, the topiary at Milntorpe, the cheese factory in Hawes, the Maritime museum in Lancaster, a boat ride on Ullswater, garden centres… and on and on……… but what ‘s best is being with someone who is interesting, interested and living life. Because live is for living, not waiting or suffering.

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