Just Company – Me and my mum
“Knowing my mum is getting out and about with Just Company makes me feel so happy knowing she is safe and in good company. Thank you”. 
Its been full on here……
We are up and running and really enjoying meeting and spending time with such interesting and amazing people. We knew this was a good idea. What we didn’t realise is just how wanted we are. The feedback has been very humbling from both our clientele and their families. Here is an example:

“Vivienne from Just Company picked me up for my special day out. My son had bought me this as treat for a birthday present. I chose to go to the Lake District which included lunch at Brentwood (http://www.brantwood.org.uk/), to view the Tracy Levine (http://tracylevine.co.uk/) exhibition and sail on the beautiful Steam Gondola (https://www.nationaltrust.org.uk/steam-yacht-gondola). It was the most delightful day out and thoughtful present. It’s was so good I can’t wait for next years present. Both my son and I can’t thank Just Company enough and I truly recommend them to anyone. Thank you so much I had a brilliant and memorable day out”.

This makes us so happy. Knowing we provide a good service, bringing companionship and fun into people’s lives. Another said:

“I feel really relaxed and enjoy my time with my companion, while I am with you I forget all my troubles”. 

For many older people companionship helps transform apathy into motivation. Engaging in activities, taking exercise, discussing current affairs and sharing memories with a trusted companion is beneficial to a healthy mind and body. Doing positive activities helps accomplish a positive state of mind and body. To do this whilst enjoying ourselves makes all the difference to our outlook and feelings for the future. Older individuals can struggle to stay busy and active, especially if they are retired and/or living alone. For some, leading a mostly solitary life can result in less of an incentive to keep motivated, connected with friends and loved ones. This lack of motivation can be a sign of/or lead to depression. This is where Just Company companionship can make all the difference. Providing stimulation, support and social interaction, keeps the mind and body active. This makes a significant contribution to our happiness. For family members, modern day life throws all sorts of challenges. Often is too difficult to rise to the challenge to provide adequate time and companionship their loved one needs. Just Company can rise to the challenge, we know from our clientele and their families Just Company fills the role expertly and flexibly, we know we make a difference. Even a few hours of companionship and conversation has a positive impact on the health and wellbeing of a loved one. We are getting busy now. If you or you know anyone who would like to be a companion please contact us, we pay a good hourly rate, visit our website www.justcompany.co.uk

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