What does Just Company actually do?
So what is it we do that gets such great response?
Companionship, simple, good old friends. Companions who chat, go out, joke, laugh, share and care. But what is it we actually do? So here is an example: We plan our trips in advance and as a rule they last about three to four hours.
Here is what we did the other day: I picked up our friend (client) and drove through the Dales to Ribblehead viaduct. On this particular day the steam train was due to cross the viaduct, a spectacle we really wanted to see. Unfortunately we missed it as it was delayed and we had to move on. Following this, as we drove to the village of Dent we stopped to have a close up look at the Dent Head Viaduct.  The engineering of such a massive, impressive structure quite took our breath away. We stood in awe of the 10 arches, walking underneath really made us feel small. We walked around discussing how they built it and googled the history (we had 4G). It was engineered by John Sydney Crossley (1812-1879), built from huge quarried Dent Marble and has 10 standing arches.  It was a beautiful day so we walked around and played pooh sticks in the stream. Following this we drove onto Dent village. A really remote village of cobbled streets and true Yorkshire Dales vista’s. We had a light lunch in one of the cafes and walked to the heritage centre, very interesting.  Following this we drove home, taking in the amazing scenery and enjoying each others company.  I left after we had arranged our next visit, leaving with an image of a huge smile on our fiends face and looking forward to our next time together.  Following this I sent a resume of what we had done to our friend’s daughter, some photos and an update of how she was. The feedback I got from return of mail was lovely. The family feel reassured and happy their mum is getting the most from her time with Just Company. When they visit her she is really content, happy and full of stories she wants to share. She no longer complains her family does not visit her enough. What she does say is mum now looks forward to visits from her family and loves the reassurance that she knows her mum is getting out and about, has a companion who treats her with dignity, respect and as a friend. Our next trip was to Morecambe, a walk along the prom, fish and chips and an ice cream from Brucciani’s  http://www.moreinmorecambe.co.uk/place/p-l-brucciani-ice-cream/. We sat on the sea defence talking about adventures we had in the past, memorable holidays and friends and family we have loved and lost.  If you have a friend or a member of the family who would love a companion give us a bell or drop us a line and we will get back to you, it could be the start of something really special.

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