HRH Prince Charles and Just Company
Prince Charles made our day, Prince Charles made everyone’s day yesterday as he spent hours wondering round the Westmorland County Show. We were there, a client and I, what a fantastic day. To be topped by seeing HRH and we were very close, made it even more special. ( Our plan was just to go, have a quick look round and then leave before our feet hurt too much and we were covered in mud. Firstly, we did not get covered in mud, the ground dried out as we were walking around. Secondly, we were there for hours, watching the horses, Cumberland wrestling (, looking at the livestock and walking round the vast food tents. I must hold my hands up and say I was nervous; about losing our client, nervous that her feet would really hurt (a pernicious problem experienced by older people who have spent their younger years tottering around in high heels); nervous we would find nowhere to sit and nervous it would take forever to get a cup of tea. Well, neither of us got lost, I did write my number and name on a post card just in case. I carried around a chair (nice camp chair that folds up neatly with a carry strap) which we used often. I carried a spare pair of her strong comfy shoes so if her wellies were too painful we could change, and change we did. As for getting a cup of tea, yes it took a good 20 mins of standing round.But we had a brilliant time, our client was so impressed with the WI tent, it re kindled her interest in knitting. Whilst we went around the WI tent she shared with me some interesting times she had had during the war and as a young child. Her memories are very clear, happy memories and to me totally inspiring as to how they managed in such hard times. It shows that money does not buy love. The parking and getting around was no problem, a little way to walk but there were enough paths, pavements and tracks to keep us from stumbling and slipping. All together it was a great day, Just Company could have done no better and our client was over the moon, full of stories and ready for a good night’s sleep. I contacted the family to share how the day had gone, all they could say was they were jealous but happy that their mum had enjoyed herself.

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