Handless and Helpless

Wow what a week we have just had! I (Fran) had my thumb done and now can’t drive for 8 weeks. Luckily we are a companion business, amazing how vulnerable you feel when you are injured. So now I need someone to drive me everywhere, hospital appointments, shopping and so on. I can’t even open a jar, its very frustrating, but do have to admit I do milk it every now and again.

So that is the first thing, then we got in the papers!!! We are out there now and there’s no hiding.

Here’s the link, read our story… http://www.inthebay.co.uk/Friends-set-up-company-to-offer-companionship-3be31bf7-e6a1-415b-99ac-cb163403c5c4-ds 

Scary but exciting at the same time. Its incredible to learn how really concerned people are about loneliness and isolation, especially for family members, and how helpless some of us feel.

Saying that due to my incapacity, I have really enjoyed walking around the village, popping in for a brew and catching up with everyone. Especially when the sun was shining. Here’s a photo of the Barbon Manor bluebells. Its been fantastic to slow down and go for walk at a lovely gentle pace, putting the world to rights in one of the most beautiful places in the world… And we live here.

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