Does age matter?
Why have we just started Just Company, because we really believe “You are never too old to set another goal, or to dream a new dream”. Not quoted by CS Lewis as often suggested, however, it is a quote which has many of us believe in, including Steve Jobs, Henry Ford, Bill Gates and a whole load more. So many of us put our aspirations and dreams on the back boiler while we build a career, have a family or we don’t have the resources at the time. We have had to be patient. Our ambitions make us truly unique. It taken us real courage to re kindle our dreams later in life. To achieve our ambitions is the greatest accomplishment ever and wow what a real sense of self and achievement, however big or small. We can achieve our dreams, age should not an obstacle, there are many different and creative routes to achievement, age alone should not cull our desire. It’s a stereotype, an annoying one at that, prevalent within our society that loneliness is an inevitable part of growing old. This myth is peddled so hard by the media that it is becoming a self-fulfilling prophecy, those who believe loneliness is a normal part of aging are far more likely to experience it. Getting old, wise and experienced, to us, should be celebrated; we have to adopt a positive attitude to old age, what’s the alternative? Believing we can still do means we will do, whatever we choose. We may need a little assistance, we may need a friend to show us how to do modern-day processes, things change all the time. We can and we will keep going/enjoying/living our lives to the full. Sitting in front of the TV waiting for nothing to happen is not an option. We have found that simple, easy and local activities and experiences have really enhance our quality of life. A short walk, a trip to the theatre/cinema, or even a cup of tea with our friends is been fulfilling, adds variety, builds confidence, upped our happiness and given us a deep sense of purpose in our everyday lives. If this is a struggle for you or someone you know get someone to help, get out there, enjoy, have fun and live life with a smile and anticipation. Companionship gives us freedom to enjoy life-enhancing experiences; companions bring support, encouragement, confidence, friendship, security and most of all fun and fulfilment. As Amelia Earhart once said ‘ The more one does and sees and feels, the more one is able to do’. Age alone should not stop us in our tracks we have to keep living life to the full.

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