We provide high-quality bespoke companionship for those in later life

Reducing the negative effects of loneliness

Tailored activities and outings

Trusted and safe

Our companions indulge their clients, deservedly, with tailored and bespoke outings. To quote Gary Rycroft, Senior Partner Joseph A. Jones & Co Solicitors, Lancaster, an expert solicitor dealing with the legal affairs of the elderly including managing issues arising from lack of mental capacity including dementia type illnesses:

“There is an incredible need for a high quality service of this kind, whereby I can be totally confident the elderly clients I look after are in safe hands with kind, trustworthy and friendly folk”. 

Just Company is a unique service specialising in quality companions for the elderly. Our companions develop strong bonds with their clients building confidence and enjoying life.  We promote independence but understand many elderly people lose confidence getting out and about.  Just Company prevents older people becoming depressed, isolated or lonely. We are what we say ‘Just Company’, good old friendship, companionship, something to look forward to, someone to trust.


“Just Company has made my mum’s life worth living. Mum has always been fiercely independent. I think it is very important to her to know that she has the ability to still get out and about.”  Son of client